Who is the person behind the camera?  Often people choose a photographer based on their portfolio.  However, I always challenge my potential clients to get to know me as well, to ensure that our chemistry is right.  

So who am I?  I'm Syndee the Owner of Click Café Photography.  First off let me say thank you for stopping in to look through my art and read about me.  I can't stress how much I love my career!  The ability to meet new people and share in their life moments is truly priceless.  With each client I've had the honor of meeting, I've learned and grown as a person.  So many different lifestyles and cultures have shaped who I am today.  No two weddings are the same and with that understanding I approach each one with a fresh vision.  Thanks to my job I'm a much more well rounded individual.  

Outside of work I'm married to a wonderful handsome man, who has taught me what true happiness is.  With him I have 2 gorgeous kids (yes I'm biased!) and an adorable little Yorkie named Coco.  

I also like to pretend I'm a gourmet chef (if my kids say my cooking is yummy...that's a WIN!).  Okay, gourmet might be pushing it a little but I'm sure if I tried out for Master Chef they'd at least consider me based on my humor!?!  Maybe not but I know I'm the Master Chef in my house...well actually I'm the only chef!

I love traveling...who doesn't right?  Fun fact: I'm a British born, Irish-Indian that was raised in Canada and now lives in Texas.  As such I've been lucky to travel to many places in my life although I will admit my travel list is still VERY very long...and includes skiing the Swiss Alps!

The best part of my life and my hobbies is that at the core of it all is my passion for photography.  Everything I do and experience I look at through an artful eye.  My kids at 8yrs old have more photos of themselves then they'll ever know what to do with.  I have albums of all my travels; I document not only the big things but the little things in life and I carry this same ethic into my work.  Nothing is too little during a wedding day.  A child's spontaneous laugh during a portrait session is invaluable.  My goal is to help you leave your digital imprint in this world.

I'm always learning and growing so I invite you to come have a coffee with me and chat.  I want to hear your love story, talk about your vision and just get to know who you are as an individual.


All images used courtesy of Click Café Photography