Hilda & Daniel

I've been truly blessed when it comes to having great clients.  I've never marketed myself, but rather my clients have come through referrals from past clients.  I pride myself on giving the best customer service because I believe the energy I exude will ultimately leave a lasting impression.    I'll never say I'm the best in my industry because I believe the moment I say that, I'll stop pushing myself to be better.  However, I know that when I'm photographing a wedding I approach each one as though it was my first and only.  Each couple has held a special place in my heart and I've never been afraid to laugh and cry with them.  I believe that was why Hilda chose me.  Hilda is a well known, sought after Makeup Artist in Houston, and I've been privileged to work with her for years.  So when she contacted me regarding her own wedding I was humbled to say the least.  Initially, she was going to get married in Mexico but circumstances changed and they decided to have a very intimate ceremony here in Texas.  It was truly a beautiful day!  Everyone was relaxed and laughing, the weather was perfect and well the couple was gorgeous!

Here are the moments that spoke to me.  Enjoy!



Since I changed websites, I lost my previous blogs.  So I'm going to upload a bunch of weddings I've had the privilege to be a part of in the last few years!  

Take for example this sexy couple!  WOW!  They weren't sure how they would be in front of the camera, but let me tell you aside from some initial guidance, these 2 seemed to forget I was there and just existed in their love for one another.  

I'll just let you sit back and admire the images!