Hilda & Daniel

I've been truly blessed when it comes to having great clients.  I've never marketed myself, but rather my clients have come through referrals from past clients.  I pride myself on giving the best customer service because I believe the energy I exude will ultimately leave a lasting impression.    I'll never say I'm the best in my industry because I believe the moment I say that, I'll stop pushing myself to be better.  However, I know that when I'm photographing a wedding I approach each one as though it was my first and only.  Each couple has held a special place in my heart and I've never been afraid to laugh and cry with them.  I believe that was why Hilda chose me.  Hilda is a well known, sought after Makeup Artist in Houston, and I've been privileged to work with her for years.  So when she contacted me regarding her own wedding I was humbled to say the least.  Initially, she was going to get married in Mexico but circumstances changed and they decided to have a very intimate ceremony here in Texas.  It was truly a beautiful day!  Everyone was relaxed and laughing, the weather was perfect and well the couple was gorgeous!

Here are the moments that spoke to me.  Enjoy!


Personal Branding

Are you a seasoned entrepreneur or one just starting out?  Whichever you may be, you know the thrill of being your own boss and the fear of failing.  You are the face of your company, YOU are your BRAND.  So why is it that so many individuals overlook the one main criteria for connecting to their core audience: good professional photos?  As a photographer I instantly look at images before reading any content.  I take the time to see if the images speak to me, if they shed some sort of light on who the person I'm researching is.  After all we are a visual generation with Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook.  We want to feel a connection to other peoples photos so at some level we can validate ourselves.  Sounds weird to read right, but you know it's true.  If this wasn't the case, a lot of current reality star celebrities wouldn't have the fame they do.

So if we are so consumed with images of other people why are we not putting that same energy into branding ourselves?  If you are the face of your company your customers want to feel as though they personally know you.  For example, if you're a blogger aspiring to become well known, images of you with your computer, coffee and all the other little nuances that help you write will impact your reader far more than just a headshot of you.  Headshots are great, don't get me wrong, but they don't tell the end recipient anything about you.  They don't give a glimpse into your soul.  

I believe personal BRANDING images help your customer feel connected to you.  Face to face interaction is rapidly being replaced by texting and an image brings back that human level.  Not only that, but it allows the customer to visually recognize that you place a lot of value on who you are and what you are offering.  

Take a look at how athletes brand themselves and the success that comes from that branding.  They want brand recognition, they want to be known.  The same goes for animals!  Look at how many dog profiles there are on Instagram with 100k+ followers!  Those dogs are getting products sent to them to promote and in turn their owners are cashing in.  You need to do this for your business too!  It's time to cash in!  

You are the only person who knows how to sell you.  No one else will put the time and effort in because they aren't as personally invested.  

So I challenge you to schedule a branding portrait session with me so we can take your business to the next level!  If nothing else, you'll walk away with great images and a fun experience!


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Their love grew wings and took flight

Oh ya you read that right.  I said it...their love grew wings and took flight!  What can I say..it's true.  This couple just had this undeniable connection.  The way they looked at each other and giggled, how he whispered in her ears and immediately it brought the biggest smile to her face.  It's the kind of love movies are written about.  What couple would laugh when a torrential rainstorm erupts during their outdoor e-session.  Winds so strong the plane we were photographing in, was swaying on the tarmac.  Thunder and lightning so fierce we had to run for cover (because being in a metal box with wings is not a good idea!)  Power outages in the airport building from the storm...flash flood warnings in effect all around us.  Now most people would probably panic, cry...unleash a truckload of profanity at mother nature, but not this couple.  They laughed, joked and we continued capturing their love regardless of what was happening around us.  And when it was all done...(despite the fact I got stuck in rising flood waters on the way home)...these images turned out gorgeous and are a true reflection of this beautiful couples unconditional love. 


Texas Y'all!

So this cute family moved to Texas last year from up north. Having settled into their new life, they wanted to embrace their new surroundings for their New Years card. What better way then to dress as Texan as possible and incorporate a Ram Truck! My hats off to them for nailing this vision! What a fun shoot it was..and my husband's truck made its first portrait debut!



Since I changed websites, I lost my previous blogs.  So I'm going to upload a bunch of weddings I've had the privilege to be a part of in the last few years!  

Take for example this sexy couple!  WOW!  They weren't sure how they would be in front of the camera, but let me tell you aside from some initial guidance, these 2 seemed to forget I was there and just existed in their love for one another.  

I'll just let you sit back and admire the images!

I've been chasing the clock...

Have you ever wished for more hours in the day so you can just keep up?  Ya...that's been me for a while now.  Between being a professional photographer, raising 2 beautiful twins, and making sure my husband is eating healthy, I've struggled to find time to blog.  I'm barely staying afloat posting to my social media accounts!  

However, I realized that I'm only shorting myself by to blogging because I'm not sharing with the world my art.  So I've made a concerted effort to be more diligent...to let you in and see what I have photographed and what I am photographing.

So lets start here....with an image that speaks to me: